Work Atmosphere and Conditions

Your matching working atmosphere!

A great working atmosphere is the basis for happiness at work and success of the company. Therefore, we take care of all the necessary factors, such as a sustainable and safe job for long-term perspective, respect, appreciation by the seniors, supervisors and colleagues, having a personal contribution to the whole result and the personal input of each for a good atmosphere. We all agree in these values.

As a company with about 100 employees, we have the perfect size for being powerful and big enough to move things fast, strong and sustainable. But at the same time we are not too big to stay flexible and personal, giving a real home to all our employees. Employees are no number – they are an individual and highly appreciated personality. This is our every day philosophy.

Therefore, we count on a high and fully positive identification of the whole team with the company, commitment, dedication and team spirit. Forward team thinking and team work moves us – and keeps happiness at work.

Team spirit!

Either we are successful together or we are not successful at all. Every department, every person does his and her highly appreciated and valuable share. We all respect each other for that.

Individual interests and points of view are normal and move the horizon of the team. We put all these perspectives together in terms of the whole company and team. Therefore, we avoid walls in our minds and between our departments. For instance we have no conflict between technical and commercial thinking, but bring both together by “commercially thinking technicians” and “technically thinking management”. We foster this in our teams.

Looking for ideas and participation!

Whatever your individual talents are, your individual experience or your personal education, we need your specific and personal contribution. Your competence, reliability and power are the basis for your respect and authority in the team. Your ideas are welcome in all positions!

You are flexible and willing to learn?

The right answer can just be “yes”. Because only those companies are successful, which quickly adjust to changing market situations and customers’ demands. This works with the willingness and ability to improve and change. For this mission we need everybody in the team. Are you that flexible? You even enjoy changing and improving? Then this company is your place to be!

It’s the over-all quality that counts!

Since 1998, we fulfill and keep the quality management system according to ISO 9001 standards – voluntarily and with all of our heart, not pushed by customers.
Working with this system, we count on every single employee, because everybody is responsible for his or her own share of the whole. Literally, there is no work without a meaning for this quality management – our quality management. Thus, we have over 100 people responsible for quality, responsible in their working area and all the connections in the processes. Do you also want to be one of them?

We offer agreed wages!

As a member of the Association of Employers of the Chemical Industry (“VCI”), our respected employees receive benefits connected to the agreed pay-scale. As generally known, these represent top level payment circumstances.