Premium oils offering endless possibilities.

The Berger-Seidle oil systems combine tradition with latest high-end technology level of today and the future.

Sustainable and steady improvement of health and environmental protection is achieved by natural raw materials and mild ingredients.

Classic Oil systems combine these goals with the highest expectations and standards in terms of appearance, brilliance, and user friendliness. Classic Oil options cover all categories from impregnating oils, oil-wax combinations up to hard wax oils. Furthermore, these can be combined with many further products in the Berger-Seidle range, such as SolvSeal or AquaChoice products. The installer, the architect and the owner decide.

Outstanding is the endless color variety. Almost 60 standard colors are available and can be combined individually to endless new color shades – unique on the market. This basis of creativity leads to a whole new and individual wood flooring experience.