„SUCCESS 2019: Leading by Innovation“
Berger-Seidle GmbH again awarded for the international top innovation AquaChoice GreenStar

Mainz/Grünstadt. 25.10.2019. Berger-Seidle, the leading specialist for green high-performance wood floor finishing and treatment products, is awarded with the “SUCCESS 2019 – Leading by Innovation” award. Secretary of state for economics, Mrs. Daniela Schmitt, and ISB member of board, Dr. Ulrich Link, honored the managing directors and owners Thomas M. Adam and Markus M. Adam for the innovation AquaChoice GreenStar. The award includes a winner’s bonus of 5.000 Euro. After winning the BAKA award 2019 at Bau in Munich, Berger-Seidle and AquaChoice GreenStar now are again awarded for the second time.

“Investments in R&D strengthen the competitive capacity of our companies and therefore our commercial power of this region”, stresses the secretary of state for economics, Mrs. Daniels Schmitt during the awarding ceremony of the winners. “The honored companies represent ideal examples for this”, as Dr. Link stresses in his speech, and underlines “the great result and benefit of questioning the so far status and realizing new visions”. The “honored innovations show great commercial success”. With the technology award “SUCCESS”, the state and the ISB honor companies, which are outstanding and successful with new products, processes or concepts.

With its innovative product, Berger-Seidle is one of these honored companies, being awarded for the product AquaChoice GreenStar – again! Already at the start of the year 2019, Berger-Seidle and AquaChoice GreenStar have been awarded with the BAKA AWARD 2019 at the international BAU exhibition in Munich, Germany. In 2016, Berger-Seidle received the TOP100 innovator award with the highest possible evaluation “A+”.

AquaChoice GreenStar is the first 2-component water based finish with completely no harazd labeling on the hardener. By that, many advantages are realized: keeping the highest possible performance, but without the need to use work protection measures like gloves for Isocyanate or Aziridine. It protects the health of the installer as well as the owner how live in the house. Allergies by such ingredients are simply excluded – same as CO2 gas. In addition, the installer saves lacquer and reduces waste by an extremely long open time, saving costs and the environment!

Detailed information about the product AquaChoice GreenStar you will find on product page.

The article of BAKA Award forAquaChoice GreenStar you will find here.

AquaChoice GreenStar proves its universal applicability, health protection and highest performance by numerous voluntary external certifications and decorations. They reach from kids toy certification, sweat and saliva certification, sports floor certification or skid resistance (anti slip) up to EC1 low emission label.

As it its part of the nature of innovative R&D projects to often lead to unexpected, new results and challenges, the speech of Dr. Jens Braak rounded up the awarding event. He is a well-known expert for high-performance solutions and coincidence science and spoke about “Winning by coincidence – about successfully processing with the non-projectable”.

Following you will find a video about our innovation.

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