A strong foundation for successful installations is assured with our adhesive systems.

A premium and high-quality wooden floor must be glued securely.

Technical performance with strong adhesion, very good workability and a technically safe installation are essential. This prevents from problems with other materials – short- and long-term.

Health protection for installers as well as owners play a very important and central role. Health issues must be avoided entirely or minimized, depending on the preferred product category.

The BergerBond product family represents the premium segment of adhesive technology for parquet and wood floors offering all these benefits. Through systematic test procedures with the matched Berger-Seidle finishing products, additional reliability in the complete system is guaranteed.

The large and highly specialized BergerBond product variety offers the right performance solution for every requirement – completely “Made in Germany”, including additional, smart problem solvers.

The maximum of environmental friendliness and health protection is additionally proven by comprehensive external certifications such as the EC1 label, the Blue Angel label, the Green Point, fulfillment of the LEED specifications and of course the German Building Certification of DIBT.