Brilliance MedicalSurface is a ready-to-use, liquid surface disinfectant for professional use. It is solvent-free, avoid the risk of alcohol-based fire, has no hazard pictograms and is ideal as an aqueous sodium hypocloride solution for small and large areas, such as floors, tables, furniture, loungers, windows or doors. It is used for hygienic cleaning against bacteria, levurocides and viruses (such as Influenza or Corona). These are inactivated or killed with an effectiveness of 99.999%. This makes it ideal for hospitals, medical services, building cleaners, nursing services or other companies and professional users to protect the health of employees and visitors. The alcohol-free formulation of Brilliance MedicalSurface has two major advantages over alcohol-based products: 1. The risk of fire due to the extensive use of alcohol is completely eliminated here. 2. There is no alcohol-related damage to the surface. Brilliance MedicalSurface complies with BauA Reg.Nr.: 96370 Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, has a Dermatest certificate, VAH certification passed in the listing process.

Product Details


Shelf Life:
12 months*


Dry Time:


Sheens / Color Shades:

1.32 us fl gal

60 x 1.32 us fl gal

Certificates / Approvals


Dermatest – excellent