AquaSeal® ElasticStar color is a 2-component waterborne finish based on polyurethane for long-term protection. The product offers high resistance to wear and colorless chemicals. Due to its high solid content and tough-elastic properties it is recommended for high-traffice floors. AquaSeal® ElasticStar Color is suitable for the colored restoration of elastic floor coverings, such as smooth or structured PVC, CV, linoleum, rubber/caoutchouc and PU/PUR/expoxy coated. AquaSeal® ElasticStar can also be used on sports floors and antiskid coverings. It is available in all RAL Classic, NCS-S, Sikkens 4041 as well as Pantone colors. Individual colors based on samples are available on request.

AquaSeal® ElasticStar color Chips are used for the colorful and creative design of AquaSeal® ElasticStar color and are available in 100g bags in the following colors: white, anthracite, black, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown, light-medium gray.

Product Details

FINI-13211 (hardener)

Shelf Life:
15 months*


Dry Time:
2-3 hrs.**



1.45 us fl gal

60 x 1.45 us fl gal

Certificates / Approvals