Classic OutdoorOil Color is a high-solid, environmentally friendly impregnation oil, based on native oils, designed for wood areas in outdoor locations. It exhibits deep penetration and excellent care effect. Classic OutdoorOil Color protects the wood and makes the wood surfaces repel dirt and water.

Product Details

OILS- 104XX (33.8 us fl oz)
(XX see brochure Product Range)

Shelf Life:
24 months*


Dry Time:
10-14 hrs.**


Sheens / Color Shades:
NaturalWhite, Pure White, Silver Grey, Grey, Basalt Grey, Black, Pine, Red Pine, Pernambuco, Teak, Bastard Teak, Walnut, Rosewood, Lemon, Red, Green, Blue, Dove Blue, Carmine, Olive Green


3.2 us fl qt
33.8 us fl oz
4.2 us fl oz

75 x 3.2 us fl qt
280 x 33.8 us fl oz

Certificates / Approvals

DIN EN 71-3