The traditional and powerful premium finishing for wood floors.

Water-based finishes of the AquaChoice family represents today the highest and most modern standard for finishing of wooden floors – and are therefore preferable to solvent-based alternatives.

However, for special reasons and cases, still the classic solvent-based finish or product is often required. In these cases, the solution must be also fully reliable and as mild and safe as possible.

The classic Berger-Seidle wood floor finishing systems of the SolvSeal line convince for over half a century by the highest quality, best results and are extremely proven and popular in practice. Despite the solvent based nature of this category, they have been continuously developed and upgraded by milder and more modern components, to ensure maximum health protection here.

Therefore, the program covers especially mild, natural oil based and sustainable raw materials. This leads to products with the highest possible solid content, and that means minimal solvents. All this comes with great workability, reliability and the best possible health protection within this category.

SolvSeal products represent the leading quality level in this category on the market with excellent performance and reputation in the professional world.