SolvSeal LT Export Extra is a certified, skid-resistant wood floor finish, according DIN 18032-2 and suitable for sport areas. It is based on oil-modified urethanes and is ideal for wood paving, under-floor heating, industrial parquet and planks. For this product we offer a matched sport marking paint.

Product Details

FINI-50400 (UM, 5 us fl gal)
FINI-50401 (UM, 1 us fl gal)
FINI-50402 (UM, 1 us fl qt)
FINI-50202 (ST, 5 us fl gal)
FINI-50204 (ST, 1 us fl gal)
FINI-50203 (ST, 1 us fl qt)
FINI-50002 (SG, 5 us fl gal)
FINI-50004 (SG, 1 us fl gal)
FINI-50003 (SG, 1 us fl qt)
FINI-50102 (GL, 5 us fl gal)
FINI-50104 (GL, 1 us fl gal)
FINI-50103 (GL, 1 us fl qt)

Shelf Life:
24 months*


Dry Time:
10-12 hrs.**


Sheens / Color Shades:
ultramat, satin, semigloss, gloss

5 us fl gal
1 us fl gal
1 us fl qt

22 x 5 us fl gal
63 x 1 us fl gal
280 x 1 us fl qt