BergerBond M1S is a SMP hardwood-floor adhesive on the basis of silane-modified polyurethane raw materials; elastic. Per DIN EN 14293 this adhesive is suited for the non-tension gluing of 10mm solid wood flooring, mosaic flooring, strip flooring and prefinished wood flooring. Suited also for the gluing of most exotic woods, solid wood planks according technical data sheet and industrial wood flooring. BergerBond M1S is solvent-free, contains no water and is suitable for chair casters. BergerBond M1S allows for loss-free, quick and secure gluing.

Product Details

ADHE-10820 (3 us fl gal / 3 x 1 us fl gal bag)
ADHE-10830 (400 oz / 20 x 20 us fl oz sausages)
ADHE-10810 (3 us fl gal)

Shelf Life:
18 months*


Process. / Laying Time:
40-60 min.**

Fit For Further Work:
12 hrs.**


Flash-Off Time:

Floor Heating:

3 us fl gal (3 x 1 us fl gal bag)
400 oz (20 x 20 us fl oz sausages)
3 us fl gal

36 x 3 us fl gal (3 x 1 us fl gal bag)
40 x 400 oz (20 x 20 us fl oz sausages)
33 x 3 us fl gal

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