The right sanding for every wood floor.

The right sanding is important and crucial for a perfect wood floor installation and finishing.

In order to achieve a top result with a high level of reliability, the craftsman simply needs reliable and safe work equipment, including in the “abrasives”.

With the Berger AbraPrime Line, Berger-Seidle offers from a single source all suitable and required abrasives of selected quality level in each category. Technically, a wide selection is available in different price and quality categories, from corundum, zircon, ceramic, silicon carbide to nylon polishing pads.

Also, the range of available formats and assemblies is wide and complete at Berger-Seidle. This means: the right solution for all common and also speial applications. Thus, the program includes sanding belts, sanding belt rolls, sanding disks, Velcro sanding disks, sanding grids and pads. Special perforations are also possible on request.