Vår praktiska Berger-Seidle systainer® finns i följande varianter:

  • Berger-Seidle systainer® stor, ofylld
  • Berger-Seidle systainer® medium, empty
  • Berger-Seidle systainer® liten, ofylld, med skumplastinsats
  • Berger-Seidle systainer® mini, ofylld, för exempelvis visitkort

The smart application set offers the perfect combination for an ideal workflow. The Berger-Seidle systainer® medium is used for both transporting tools to the construction site and on site as an application and mix box, matched in size to rollers and applicators. The tailormade bags enable also long-term and clean work for each use. The roller base makes it easy to move and pull the set across the wood floor surface during the application process.


systainer® stor:
Yttermått H 42 x W 39,6 x D 29,6 cm
Innermått H 38,4 x W 38,1 x D 26,5 cm
Vikt 3,10 kg
Art-Nr. 1023 A00A

systainer® medium:
Yttermått H 23 x W 39,6 x W 29,6 cm
Innermått H 22,2 x W 35,8 x D 22,1 cm
Vikt 1,70 kg
Art-Nr. 1298 A00A
Art-Nr. 1263 A00A (tailormade bag)

systainer® liten:
Yttermått H 10,5 x W 39,6 x D 29,6 cm
Innermått H 7,5 x W 38,3 x D 27,3 cm
Vikt 1,30 kg
Art-Nr. 1208 A00A (with foam for Sample Set)
Art-Nr. 1219 A00A (with foam for 0,125l Sample Cans)

systainer® mini:
Yttermått H 3,2 x W 10,4 x D 6,7 cm
Innermått H 2,3 x W 9,9 x D 27,3 cm
Vikt 42 g
Art-Nr. 1216 A00A

systainer® Roller:
Yttermått H 15,9 x W 39,6 x D 29,6 cm
Vikt 2,94 kg
Art-Nr. 1299 A00A

systainer® Roll&Apply Set:
Art-Nr. 1299 A00A (Roller)
Art-Nr. 1298 A00A (systainer® medium:)
Art-Nr. 1263 A00A (tailormade bag)