Brilliance MedicalCleaner
The medical disinfection liquid with high effectivity

Berger-Seidle actively supports fight against Corona:
Fast and immediate expansion of production by disinfection fluid!

Berger-Seidle, part of the innovative, family-run chemical company Berger-Group from Grünstadt, has been expanding its production with disinfectants since the end of March 2020. The company thus provides short-term support for all professional customers with acute and urgent needs, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices and companies. The formulations comply with the guidelines of the WHO and BAuA, are approved accordingly and are highly effective. The strong shortage of raw materials and high raw material prices limit the possibilities, but the first tons are already available on stock until Easter. They will be allocated according to need and daily prices. The company has been working on this support in the current emergency situation with top priority for weeks in order to protect as many people and work areas as possible.

“It is a matter of course for us to provide help as best we can with our infrastructure in this situation,” said the management of the Berger Group, Thomas M. and Markus M. Adam. The family-run company is thus reacting to the special emergency caused by the COVID-19 virus with its socially serious consequences.

As the management informs, the highest priority is set on maximum and proven effectiveness of the formulation as well as comprehensive legal compliance. “The process of legal clarification, approval and the official reconfirmation of the recipes took a lot of time, but we do not take and accept any risks here. Health is our greatest asset, ”explains Markus M. Adam. And adds “Our team of specialists has done an excellent job here”.

The different recipes correspond to the WHO and BAuA requirements. The purity is very high to ensure high effectiveness. Generally, the company refers to the usual, proper application according to the standards EN 1500 and EN 14776. Depending on the availability of raw materials, different, approved recipes can be produced.

The first tons will be in stock before Easter. However, they will not stay there for long, because the need is great and availability is short, as the company says. Therefore, the company has to allocate quantities and calculate prices depending on availability and the current situation. The standard packaging is the 10 l canister. In the purchasing department, supplies are at high pressure to be able to help permanently.

“The product is manufactured exclusively for the professional sector so that we can keep the infrastructure base running,” explains Adam. The focus is on hospitals, medical services, cleaning service providers, grocery stores and nursing services. But companies also want to be supported explicitly, as Adam explains: “All companies, including us, have to protect the health of our employees. This is the only way we can keep the economy going, at least reduce economic damage and simply secure jobs and family income.” Berger is committed to this with passion and the extra mile every day.

The management would like to express special thanks on behalf of all employees to all the helpers on the front line in the healthcare sector. Here you often work physically and mentally at the limit, and also risk your own health to some extent. But the Adam family is convinced: “These situations are also part of life. Let us make this situation the highlight of our social values ​​and shared commitments. ”

Interested hospitals, companies and medical services can contact the following special email address:

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