Premium class raw wood look:
Invisible protection of wood floors with oil or finish!

Natural and raw looking wood floors are extremely popular and trendy. Owners love the pure natural beauty of their wood floor and want to preserve and emphasize this pure wood character permanently.

The new NaturalWhite technology from Berger-Seidle offers this to perfection. And regardless of whether the customer prefers an oiled or sealed surface: both are possible! So the craftsman can equally go for one open-pore as well as for a sealed surface, but without losing the desired character of the look. All this comes with the right and matching care system. The client has the choice:

AquaSeal 2KPU naturalwhite

AquaSeal 2KPU naturalwhite – the new wood floor finish! AquaSeal 2KPU offers with its new gloss level “naturalwhite” the perfect coating for the true raw wood look. The product is extreme matt and preserves the natural appearance. All this even with full 3-layer built-up for high traffic areas and without tendency of white spots – for an easy, safe use. The final treated surface cannot be distinguished from raw wood – even by professionals. All this comes with the usual and well-known high-end resistance level and premium robustness of the top seller product AquaSeal 2KPU. The product is recommended for light woods like oak or maple. For dark woods, AquaSeal 2KPU royalmatt is the perfect solution, having an also extreme high matting level but preserves the dark appearance without creating a string whitish film. AquaSeal 2KPU naturalwhite is part of the new NaturalWhite Line, which has all the options to have bright raw wood look. It is available in practical Berger-Seidle 2K combi containers with 5 l + 0.5 l and 1,5 l + 0,15 l.

More information about AquaSeal 2KPU naturalwhite you will find here.

Classic BaseOil naturalwhite

Classic BaseOil naturalwhite – the new wood floor oil! Classic BaseOil naturalwhite offers as a new color variant of the perfect oil impregnation to have a wonderful, invisible raw wood look. Even for professionals, it is hard to find differences between sanded raw wood and light floors treated with Classic BaseOil naturalwhite. The usual, color-intensifying effect of an oil is not happening, the oil keeps the light character of the wood. Nevertheless, the well-known option to combine Classic BaseOil with the usual other products is still possible and makes the product unique and extremely flexible. It is especially recommended for light wood species like oak or maple. With Brilliance Pflegeöl naturalwhite the perfectly matching maintenance and care solution is available. The product can be ordered in little 0,125 l testing cans up to 5 l containers.

More information about Classic BaseOil naturalwhite you will find here.

Brilliance Pflegeöl naturalwhite

Brilliance Pflegeöl naturalwhite – the new wood floor oil care system! Brilliance Pflegeöl offers in its new version naturalwhite the perfectly matched oil care system for surfaces in raw wood look treated with Classic BaseOil naturalwhite. The product is easy-to-use and the perfect maintenance to keep and refresh the natural, invisible look. The usual 1 l packaging is also standard for naturalwhite.

More information about Brilliance Pflegeöl naturalwhite you will find here.

The Advantages

+ Impressing raw wood surface

+ Available as finish and oil system

+ Beautifully light and extreme matt

+ Reduced yellowing effect

+ Reduced yellowing effect

+ Highest flexibility by multiple combination options

+ Many packaging sizes

+ Fast usability after just 24 hours