Classic OutdoorOil Family Gets Bigger.
Now Available in 21 Colorful Standard Colors!

We are pleased to introduce today our new and significantly expanded line of Classic OutdoorOil.

In the future, the product will be available in two main variants:
Classic OutdoorOil colorless
Classic OutdoorOil color

From 01.05.2019, the color version now offers an endless and unique variety of colors for creative and individual design.

Now with 20 ready-to-use standard colors plus colorless, in total 21 colors are now available. Furthermore, you can mix all the colors individually to create new and own shades, which opens up an endless world of colorful combination possibilities. You also determine the number of layers individually according to local needs, wishes and color preferences. Thus, the perfect design of individual living spaces succeeds in the “extended living room” in the personal outdoor area.

The ecological and premium quality composition of Classic OutdoorOil has been preserved. In fact, this means that the product is based on renewable raw materials and offers very high UV and weather protection in order to offer the best protection for every situation.

Another highlight: the products are available in many packaging sizes. From the 3 l container, over the 1 l container up to the 0,125 l sample can. You have the choice!

Further details and impressions of the variety of colors can be found in our Flyer Classic OutdoorOil.

Start colorfully and safely in the spring and the gardening season 2019!

If you have any questions, the Berger-Seidle team will be happy to advise you as usual.