AquaChoice GreenStar is a 2-component, waterborne, premium wood floor finishing product. Based on polyurethane, it offers outstanding resistance and workability. Although it is 2-component, the product (including the hardener) is completely free of hazard labelling, and contains no isocyanate, no aziridine, no H- and P-phrases according CLP legislation, and causes no CO2 gas by the reaction. Also, the product offers an extremely long pot life after mixing of component A and B of at least 18 hours. Based on its special properties and elasticity, the product is approved for cork floors and also achieves outstanding chemical resistance.

Product Details

FINI-10110 (satin)
FINI-10111 (satin hardener)
FINI-10120 (semigloss)
FINI-10121 (semigloss hardener)

Shelf Life:
12 months*


Dry Time:
3-4 hrs.**


matt/satin, semigloss

1 us fl gal (boxes of 3)

90 x 1 us fl gal

Certificates / Approvals


DIN V 18032-2
DIN EN 14904
DIN 71-3
DIN 53160
DIN 51130 -R9
DIN 51130 -R10 (with Add)
DIN 51130 -R11 (with Add)