AquaSeal® GreenStar is a 2-component, waterborne, commercial grade, premium wood floor finishing product. Based on polyurethane, it offers outstanding resistance and workability. Although it is 2-component, the product (including the hardener) is completely free of hazard labelling, and contains no isocyanate, no aziridine, no H- and P-phrases according CLP legislation, and causes no CO2 gas by the reaction. Also, the product offers an extremely long pot life after mixing of component A and B of at least 18 hours. Based on its special properties and elasticity, the product is approved for cork floors and also achieves outstanding chemical resistance.

Product Details

XS81 DUO0 BK10 (UM)
XS81 DUO2 BK10 (MA)
XS81 DUO4 BK10 (SG)
XS81 DUO8 BK10 (GL)

Shelf Life:
18 months*


Dry Time:
2-3 hrs.**


ultramat, mat/satin, semigloss, gloss

5,5 l
1,65 l

63 x 5,5 l
180 x 1,65 l

Certificates / Approvals

DIN V 18032-2
DIN EN 14904
DIN 71-3
DIN 53160
DIN 51130 -R9
DIN 51130 -R10 (with Add)
DIN 51130 -R11 (with Add)