BergerBond® ColorAdd P is a special paste for coloration of the hardwood-floor adhesives BergerBond® M1P, M1, M1X, P1 as well as P2S. As the paste can be admixed flexibly the desired color shade can be adapted to the respective wood lot directly at the construction site. Especially in the case of dark wood species, this way white joints caused by white adhesive, can be avoided. The dosing is easily done with the help of the measuring cup fitted within the can cap. The paste solution offers the additional advantage, that there is no need to additionally store dark adhesives.

Product Details


Shelf Life:
12 months*


Process. / Laying Time:
same as with the respective adhesive

Fit For Further Work:
same as with the respective adhesive


Flash-Off Time:
same as with the respective adhesive

Floor Heating:

500 ml


Certificates / Approvals