Explanation of icons and symbols

Explanation of icons and symbols:

* Storage time information: These are the minimum storage periods, to be counted as from delivery date ex works, if storage is in the proper way in unopened original can. Please refer to current data sheets and use instructions!

** All drying times stated are approx. values based on standard atmosphere acc. to DIN 50014: 23°C/50% air humidity and normal coating thickness. Please note that unsufficient ventilation, lower temperatures, deviating air humidity or an increased coating thickness may delay drying considerably.

*** These articles are excluded from discounts.

This product is not always in stock. Please be prepared for delivery times of at least 5 to 10 working days.

Symbols Certificates

EC1 marking as per GEV-EMICODE: classification “very low emission”

EC1 PLUS is even significantly lower in emissions

This product is part of the German waste recycling system “The green point” and thus supports the protection of the environment and sustainability.

All products marked with this sign possess the General Building Inspectorate Approval issued by DiBt. The approvals’ text and the possibilities how to combine the products can be found on and downloaded from the product pages in the web.

Blauer Engel – Informations here: www.blauer-engel.de/uz113

Umwelt-Etikette der Schweizer Stiftung Farbe

EAC-Konformitätszeichen der Eurasischen Wirtschaftsunion

Französisches Emissions-Kennzeichnung

Konformitätszeichen der Australasian Fimber Flooring Association

Symbols Application

Trowel*** – recommended

Stainless Trowel – recommended

Roller – recommended

Brush – recommended

Paint Brush – recommended

Toothed Trowel – recommended

Trowel*** – possible

Stainless Trowel – possible

Roller – possible

Brush – possible

Paint Brush – possible

Toothed Trowel – possible