Beautiful floors of lasting value with the perfectly matched maintenance system.

A finished hardwood floor is beautiful and a great individual masterpiece of installers’ work.

To keep this beauty and brilliance even during everyday cleaning, maintenance and care, the right and perfectly matched care system is essential. Unknown third-party products are not matched, often ineffective or too aggressive – both harming the great surface of the floor.

Therefore, the perfectly matched, proven and tested maintenance and care products are needed and important – to chemically, physically and technically keep the floor’s beauty for a very long time.

Berger-Seidle’s maintenance and care products meet the highest demands in quality, comfort, ecology and beauty of the floor. They are exactly matched and tested with the whole program of finishing products, offering a solution for every case of finish and preference. Special products, for instance such as antistatic or sport versions, offer additional worlds of individually visual and functional floor maintenance.

Universal usage and high quality raw materials lead to an outstanding performance – being popular and well-proven since decades.