BergerBond® P2 RapidRepair is a 2-component repair adhesive based on high-quality polyurethane raw materials, suited for the fixed gluing of solid wood flooring, mosaic flooring, strip flooring, industrial wood flooring and prefinished wood flooring. Great for repairs as adhesion is quick and strong. Thus, it is the ideal solution for repairing small areas and securing installation starter rows. Furthermore, it can be used as a gap filler of floor screed gaps, when pretreatment is done professionally. Suited also for the gluing of most exotic woods and wood paving RE. Best suited also for the gluing of water-sensitive types of wood such as beech, maple and ash due to being bulge and deforming free. BergerBond® P2 RapidRepair is solvent-free, contains no water and is suitable for chair casters.

Product Details

YP10 000A LN10
YP11 000A LN10

Shelf Life:
12 months*


Process. / Laying Time:
10-15 min.**

Fit For Further Work:


Flash-Off Time:

Floor Heating:

0,9 kg

280 x 0,9 kg

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