Classic BaseOil Sample Set includes two handmade, premium quality color presenters made of solid oak wood. The samples show all Classic BaseOil color, standard and trend as well, and their appearance on oak wood for a physical impression. The samples are perfectly protected in a practical premium Berger-Seidle systainer® box for the safe transport to customers and meetings.

Product Details

1209 A00A (oak complete)
1246 A00A (beech complete)
1248 A00A (maple complete)
1207 A00A (oak without systainer®)
1245 A00A (beech without systainer®)
1247 A00A (maple without systainer®)

Shelf Life:


Dry Time:


Sheens / Color Shades:
Standard Colors: Safety Data Sheet Pine, Oak, Azobe, Smoke, Oak Old, Pernambuco, Teak, Bastard Teak, Walnut, Ebony, Wenge, Lemon, Red Orange, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Old Pink, Dove Blue, Pastel Turquoise, Burgundy, NaturalWhite, Pure White, Cashmere White, Reed Green, Cement Grey, Silver Grey, Platinum Grey, Green Grey, Basalt Grey, Grey Brown, Black, Deep Black
Trend Colors: Cappucino, Olive, Salvia, Pearl White, Cape Cod Antique, Alaska Driftwood, Vanilla, Dune Sand, Caramel, Glacier, Ice Blue, Laguna, Magnolia, Latte Macchiato, Pink Lady, Mint, Caribbean, Ocean



Certificates / Approvals

Color Shades



The reliability of the color reproduction on the screen depends on your electronic device. We recommend using the original sets for the pre-selection. Wood is natural product. Depending on the type, batch and condition of wood, small color differences may occur. In this case, the wood species is oak. Therefore, a sample should always be made on the original floor for approval. Our Classic BaseOil Samples Case is recommended for this.