Water-based wood floor finishing options on highest level!

The present and the future of wood floor finishing is based on water.

Water-based finishes of the latest generation impress with their outstanding performance and diversity. No matter what focus contractors or home owners have, whether high-traffic or simple living area, whether one- or two-component, whether sealer or finish, whether filler or problem solver, or simply fast workability: water-based solutions by Berger-Seidle offer all options.

The AquaSeal & AquaChoice brand stands for premium water-based finishing for generations all over the world through all climate zones. This includes all categories of water-based finishes and offers additional extras. High quality health and safety conscious variety of products tested for compatibility.

The highly specialized AquaChoice technology represents globally award innovation, with products such as the world’s first two-component water-based finish, completely without isocyanate or aziridine.

AquaChoice combines health protection, ecology, economics, user friendliness and reliable premium performance. A mature combination of permanent innovation and proven reliability, acknowledged numerous certificates: EC1 label, Blue Angel, Grüner Punkt, sports flooring certificates, LEED, or the fulfillment of numerous DIN standards for skid resistance, saliva fastness, children’s toys conformity, fire safety and much more.