AquaChoice CeramicStar is a 2-component, waterborne, premium-class finishing product for hardwood-floors. It is based on polyurethane and offers outstanding resistance, an universal high-end applicability and a lower level of viscosity. The product is very easy-to-use and offers an extremely strong level of robustness, supported by its ceramic components. It is the ideal product for the fast installation job, as the finished floor can be used after just 24 hours. Also especially for the renovation of older floors, the product is the perfect solution. It achieves top-level results by shielding old substances inside the wood, such as salt from winter times, and so it maximizes the level of safety.

Product Details

(MA coming soon)
(HM coming soon)

Shelf Life:
12 months*


Dry Time:
3-4 hrs.**


Sheens :
mat, semigloss

1 Gal


Certificates / Approvals


DIN 51130 – R9