Brilliance MedicalCleaner and
Brilliance MedicalSurface Disinfectant
The medical disinfection liquids for hands and surfaces with high effectivity

Berger-Seidle expands support for the fight against Corona:
Surface disinfectant in addition to the hand disinfectant available now!

After the introduction of the Brilliance MedicalCleaner hand disinfectant a few weeks ago, Berger-Seidle is now also offering the new Brilliance MedicalSurface surface disinfectant. The company’s Brilliance MedicalLine disinfectant line now offers a tailor-made solution for both areas of application.

A special highlight of the “MedicalSurface” surface disinfectant is the alcohol-free recipe, which means that large amounts of alcohol are not released into the air with this product. Therefore, there is no longer any risk of alcohol-related fire as with other surface disinfectants. The product also prevents alcohol-related damage to the surfaces. The product is available in practical 10 l canisters and for large consumptions also in 1000 l containers.

Both products will go exclusively to the professional sector and are therefore especially ready for hospitals, nursing services, craftsmen, medical services, schools, universities, companies, retailers, supermarkets, authorities, hotels, airports and all other professional users – perfect to protect customers, patients and staff.

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