Classic ExpressStain COLOR is a fast-drying stain, based on quality oil modified resins, with a high level of renewable raw materials, Classic ExpressStain COLOR corresponds to the latest resin technology for solvent-based stains and offers over 30 differrent colors. The product is free of any dryers containing cobalt and solvents containing aromatics. The fast-drying properties are outstanding, overcoating can be done quickly. Classic ExpressStain COLOR is easy to apply and excellent to work with. The penetrating stain is technically a sealer, reduces side-bonding effects and is a perfect base for all AquaSeal® waterbased finishes.

Параметры продукции

Номер предмета:

Срок хранения:
24 месяцев*

Классификационный код опасного вещества:

Время высыхания:
2-16 ч.** (depending on color)

Методы нанесения:

Nature / Colorless, Pine, Sedona Red, Red Orange, Golden Oak, Azobe, Oak, Old Oak, Pernambuco, Walnut, Black, Country White, White Oak, Nature Grey, Natural White, Latte Macchiato, Rustic Beige, Classic Grey, Grey, Silver Grey, Dove Blue, Laguna, Jacobean, Early American, Special Walnut, Nutmeg, Medium Brown, Espresso Brown, Antique Brown, Coffee Brown, Dark Walnut, Ebony, Wenge

5 l
1 l

63 x 5 l
300 x 1 l

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